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The trustee FiduWorld specializes in consulting for wealth structuring, financial planning, property and inheritance balances and financial investments.

FiduWorld is a structure independent from financial institutions with whom we work, such as insurance companies, capitalization companies or international traders. Our Fiduciary is based on the choice of objective solutions as to give you an effective advice, well adapted and customized.

Our property balance is made in privacy; we work in a Freedom of Service basis with the biggest financial centers in the world, where you can enjoy all the benefits of professional secrecy. The Fiduciary FiduWorld offers you listening, proximity and prior availability. Our continuous watch on the market allows us to constantly adjust your investments, according to the economy evolution, fiscal matters and your needs concerning an efficient international taxation.

Our primary mission is to protect your assets. Before setting up any asset management solution in order to provide with a real investment advice, we analyze every planning issue concerning inheritance, fiscal and financial matters. The Fiduciary FiduWorld offers you to give a renewed impetus to your savings, aiming them to bigger financial returns, with that security in success only second to none consultants can guarantee. Through our skills and our team of specialists you will find in us a comprehensive solution.

With its long experience in wealth management, our Fiduciary FiduWorld offers services real close to your needs. Whether you are looking for support in a long term basis or just to solve an occasional patrimony issue, we will provide you with a service which will always meet your expectancy regarding financial, legal and tax management. We are committed to protecting your interests and your wealth over the long term. From our international scope, our Fiduciary knows very well the problems of supporting cross-border wealth management. On a worldwide focus, we can count on a most efficient network of national and global relationship. Our partners are selected for their reputation, the quality of their performance and their reliability.

Any question about our mission of wealth management? We have the answer for your needs. Contact us by email and one of our consultants will process your application in privacy. Thank you for filling out all the fields in the form below:

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