Onshore companies are a classical form of company in all countries, and are incorporated under the Code of Obligations, which is separately determined for each country and each form of company. On incorporation of a company, we act in accordance with the legislation of each individual country, and provide legal advice to the client, so that it can settle, in accordance with the legislation, in the country in which it will conduct its business.

On incorporation of a company, we offer you a complete placing of the company with all documentation, which you need to enclose when incorporating a company. Companies, which decide to be present on the foreign market, have needs during their developmental phases and communicate with the environment, in which they conduct business. FiduWorld not only takes care of the jurisdiction and other documentation procedures, but also attends to the company until its independence on the foreign market.

Our offer is interesting for companies, which wish to move parts of its production, branches, business offices and other forms of business for all who want to competitively market its products and services.

Our operations of company incorporation are in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Ireland, Luxemburg, Estonia, Hungary and Spain.

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