The creation of an offshore company offers you real benefits, provided that its use is suitable and that the constitution is made within a legal and fiscal environment well studied. Our Fiduciary FiduWorld ensures this perfect coordination; after consulting your needs, we will be able to offer you the most appropriate jurisdiction. We continuously strive to ensure ongoing compliance with the laws of the different host countries..

A company called Offshore is a structure registered in a jurisdiction with a proved tax benefit as long as its activity is not developed in that country. To pursue a highly dynamic policy, some countries are inviting entrepreneurs to relocate their headquarters as to remove all or part of their taxes and social charges. Due to this new "non-resident" status, your company will not be affected by any tax of its jurisdiction. In addition, your company will not be required to maintain and submit its accounting, while anonymity is guaranteed.

Creating an offshore company is definitely not only restricted to elite entrepreneurs nor it exclusively belongs to groups or large companies. Our Fiduciary FiduWorld offers you simple solutions which do not require huge investments. Even as a modest size company owner, following our advice, you can fully or partially benefit from a better tax-friendly place. Your operating business remains unchanged while you continue to be a company just like any other one, by offering a compatible and fully legal way of invoicing to your customers.

Offshore companies have the following features which may be profitable :

- Exemption of corporate taxes.

- Exemption on profits and dividends.

- No accountancy obligation or presentation.

- No inheritance tax.

- No minimum constitution capital is required.

- Transactions are executed without VAT.

- No payroll tax.

- Anonymity Guaranteed.

- Bank secrecy.

However, an offshore structure may benefit from other tax exemption and social benefits, depending on business activity and on strategically selected jurisdiction.

The creation of an offshore company does not just offer an attractive tax situation. Due to its flexibility and ease of management, offshore companies' executives are getting considerable savings on time disposal as well as high productivity improvements which allow them to fully focus on business and customers.

The creation and possession of an offshore company is perfectly legal and is also the subject of international conventions including The Hague Convention. "Any person or legal resident of the European community has the right to create a society in the country of their choice without having to fiscally reside": Extract of Decree 92-521 of June 16, 1992.

However, the creation of an offshore company must be carefully considered and very well studied. FiduWorld’s advice and associated services offer you the best solution. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us to meet and help you coordinate your needs and goals.

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