Legal and tax advice

Our Fiduciary FiduWorld has the mission to giving efficient answers for every specific expected goal demanded by our wide and various client portfolios, so interested in the organization of tax optimization. For doing this, we firmly walk over an absolutely legal juridical arena which will guarantee for you an everlasting diminution of the taxation pressure.

Thanks to our excellence in mastering every country's legislation, we can proceed with a deep study of the complex and assorted casuistic of your projects. Fiduciary FiduWorld possesses different strategies well adapted and customized as it concerns to taxation and legal advisement. We are specialized in taxation advisement to French and other countries companies involved in the industrial and service business. FiduWorld also gives advisement for individuals to assist their wealth and asset management, on international taxation, on wealth taxation, and on tax situation testing.

Our competences concerning advisement, spreads out to company's taxation at both national and international levels, to cost of transferring, to company merge and takeover, as well as to restructuring financial operations. Fiduciary FiduWorld also participates in the definition and starting up for global taxation strategies, as well as in the direction of complex tax litigations and controls derived from institutions.

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