introduction to the stockmarket

FiduWorld and his team of experts agree with you, guiding you in an operational way to meet the challenge of your introduction to the stock market. The stock market process is a major step in the evolution phase of a company and its complexity demand a structured intervention, well prepared and agreed by its leaders. Given the regulatory framework and the diversity of skills required, FiduWorld will be your essential point of contact to help you in accounting, financial and legal advising.

The intervention of FiduWorld in the development of your proposed introduction on the stock market involves two essential and strategic key issues :

- A comprehensive study phase : we assist you in assessing your company and its overall organisation. This intervention is very important because it constitutes the backbone of your business requirements which will be submitted at the launch of your introduction on the stock market. Indeed, by its status as an initial public offering, your company will meet its commitments in leadership, communication, financial, quality and frequency of reportings ... Our company will conduct a comprehensive audit and therefore reliable in order to get a full study report and eligible for introducing your stock market’s structure.

- The final phase of the introduction on the stock market : FiduWorld assist you in the production and realization of your financial information. We also ensure coordination of all actors involved in the project, including your relationship with the regulators.

A question about our service on introduction to the stock market ? We have the right response to your business needs. Contact us by email and one of our consultants will process your application in confidentiality. Please fill in all the fields in the form below, thank you :

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