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- Tax optimization of IP: Intellectual property is one of the strategic basis of success of wealth and heritage for a company or a concept. The owners of trademarks, patents, Internet domain names and others, need tax planning in relation to their income, concerning intellectual property. Thanks to your royalties, licenses, user fees, copyright or franchise, you can build real assets. Good advice will be a must!

Our Fiduciary FiduWorld has developed a set of strategies to optimize taxation related to the exploitation of intellectual property. The creation of specific structures can optimize your revenue generated by the use of copyright on software, patents, trademarks or industrial designs. After the optimization of tax exploitation of intellectual property, our Fiduciary is also involved in its transmission.

The Fiduciary FiduWorld gets involved in all areas related to intellectual property: trademark registration or domain name, prior art search, trademark registration, tax planning related to intellectual property.

- Trademark Registration: The Fiduciary FiduWorld acts globally in the strategic development of intellectual property. We analyze your needs in the field of trademark filing, while ensuring you optimization of your income tax related to the use of trademarks.

Thus, from the beginning, we are the legal structure adapted to optimize the taxation of income related to the operation of your brand. We also ensure privacy as far as the identity of the owner of a mark, according to owner’s needs.

Our Fiduciary is involved in the trademark registration at national, European and international levels.

We defend your brand and intellectual property and we also act in the field of the e-reputation. Owning and controlling its image on the Internet is very important. That’s why FiduWorld offers a strategy adapted and customized to create your digital identity and protection. Our service will allow you to develop and enrich your brand presence on the web.

Fiduworld also specializes in the field of e-commerce solutions and offshore and onshore company incorporation.

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