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 Frequently Asked Questions of FiduWorld

What is a Fiduciary ?

The word Fiduciary means "trust" (in Latin, fiducia). A trust is a company specializing in asset management (e.g. land and buildings). It is usually held by law firms, accountants and brokerage firms that offer services according to their specialization, generally based on property and business management. A Fiduciary is primarily a company that offers various services for entrepreneurs: management and creation of companies taking the responsibility for all administrative, accounting, tax and social matters. In some countries, a Fiduciary can provide with settling companies with significant tax advantages.

A Fiduciary is commanded to manage and advise on clients' wealth and assets by providing clear and objective solutions to fit their interest. A Fiduciary is particularly required by impresarios as to coordinate their general accounting and to provide them with offshore and onshore company creation as well as with legal, financial and tax advice.

Services provided by a Fiduciary may include the domiciliation of companies or individuals; the accountancy internal audit; the establishment of employees' payrolls and other related formalities; the opening, managing and closing of bank accounts; the pre and post adjustments for mandatory audits; tax returns; human resources management; and, of course, any other mandate that a person may need to entrust to a third party. Some mandates, such as the ones required from expert Accountants or Reviewers, can only be provided if these appointed professionals are college graduates with recognized and official degrees.

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What are the benefits of tax heaven ?

The benefits of offshore financial centers and tax havens are numerous. The main ones, the real reasons why individuals choose to go offshore, are that these jurisdictions offer a wide range of taxation levels to choose from, and besides they allow us to create offshore entities in order to increase privacy, provided that in addition they own complex and detailed legislations aimed to protect their investors' assets. A huge number of individuals go for tax havens as a way to limit or avoid the high tax levels they are currently paying in their country of residence.

Different tax havens offer different levels of taxation. It is, however, important to bear in mind that because an offshore jurisdiction has zero tax, it is not necessarily the best tax haven to suit your needs. There may be other offshore financial centers that offer different benefits that are more appropriate for you. This is why it is important to speak to an offshore tax haven consultant to ensure that you are getting the best advice according to your circumstances. This will help you to reduce any risk of exposure to fiscal authority's surveillance. Assets protection is one of the main reasons why companies and individuals go to incorporate in tax havens. Because of the strong privacy legislation in most of these offshore financial centers, it is not possible for a third party to gain access to information about offshore accounts, investments or trusts. You've made some profits for a company. The billing for this service is provided by a company managed by the Fiduciary. Your customer pays the invoice. You recover 90% of the amount offshore tax free.

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What are our services and the costs involved ?

We are part of an International Group of Legal Advise and Tax Planning, capable to supply a full range of tax services such as creation of companies in tax free jurisdictions, helping in setting up a bank account and supporting in uncountable legal matters related.

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How to move to the operational phase ?

Too many entrepreneurs fail due to lack of preparation before moving to the operational phase; it is therefore essential to focus on several points.

It is at the end of a meeting in one of our Fiduciary offices, that the project leader assigned transmits to the expert board every detail concerning real objectives. A comprehensive study of our client's need will be then conducted within the framework of international taxation agreements, thus selecting the jurisdiction which will ensure the sustainability of incomes and heritage.

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What sort of documents do I need to provide ?

According to our mission and the rules it entails, we herein certify and process your full requested identification (passport or national identity card and recent proof of address).

We know our customers in a close and personal way; we offer the best service for them while guaranteeing absolute anonymity. All the information we hold about our customers is always privately processed, and all our staff members are trained and guided in the principles of absolute privacy respect.

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How do the structures stay anonymous ?

The Fiduciary is a legal tool to ensure absolute secrecy. However, issues like the emission of shares to the bearer or the selection of nominee director can specially meet a high need for secrecy, as in the registration of foundations. Therefore, secrecy is organized not only at a legal level but also at a financial one, thus providing the benefiting from banking secrecy offered by some jurisdictions.

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Why choose FiduWorld ?

FiduWorld has acquired the mastering of company management and its core business focus on international tax planning. Our Fiduciary has the advantage of having being established in many countries where its teams are solely comprised by certified graduated professionals (lawyers, accountants, jurists, legal and tax advisers, solicitors and economists).

Due to the diversity of its services, FiduWorld provides with customized projects management by ensuring the best advice and fully legal structures given for optimum profitability. Always complying with Legality, FiduWorld constructs legal structures onshore and offshore (trust, foundation and holding companies) as to watch for the survival of your business whilst cautiously studying your objectives and the various laws of all the candidate jurisdictions. FiduWorld guarantees plotting best structures as to obtain best possible earnings.

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What is a tax haven ?

A tax haven is a country or territory where certain taxes are levied at a low rate or at no rate at all. In French, the corresponding words are "paradis fiscal"; in German we use the terms "tax oasis" (Steueroase) or, as in French, "Steuerparadies".

The term "tax haven" only makes sense when comparing countries (or different regions within the same country), one rated higher. (A given country is always a tax haven to other countries, at least in certain areas or for certain activities). Thus, an OECD report of 1987 on international taxation stated from its introduction that "there is no single criteria, clear and objective, permitting to identify a country as a tax haven.

Individuals and/or corporate entities can find it attractive to move themselves to areas with reduced or nil taxation levels. This creates a situation of tax competition among Governments. Different jurisdictions tend to be havens for different types of taxes, discriminating by different categories of people and/or companies.

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What is the difference between onshore and offshore ?

In the field of finance and business management, the term onshore is used to describe economic activity taking place on the territory of a country, in opposition to offshore. The onshore companies are resident companies requiring book-keeping formalities and levying tax on profits, variable by country.

The term offshore is used to describe the creation of a legal entity in a country different from the one the company's activity takes place in. Jurisdictions of inscription classified as tax havens, permit to minimize the tax (tax haven) and to optimize financial management of capital or, more recently, activities (purchase, software development, etc...) and even production fully complying with the law.

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Why don't you show your tariff chart?

Keeping our customers satisfied is our main goal. Every project presented to us is meticulously studied by our expert for each project reflects different needs. From the point of view of international company creation skills, there are no standard solutions and this is one of the reasons for which we always send for every client a personalized and adapted to real need estimate.

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