Country of Eastern Europe, Romania is situated at the crossroads of Central Europe and is a member of the European Union and NATO since January 2007. Romania is the first country in Central and East Europe which has established relations with the European Community since 1974. Most of its parliamentarians joined the group of European liberals (who see their numbers increase by 17%) and the center-right parties and a smaller number joined the socialist group, and some, the extreme right in Europe has been able to form a group. Most of these Euro-MPs, regardless of their current commitment, have a communist past. Romania is particularly attractive to relocate the main structures of all European countries.

Romania is an onshore jurisdiction which benefits from various advantages :

- General tax rate of 16 % (soon to be lower).

- VAT at 19%. However, there is a reduced rate of 9 % applied to goods and some services such as entrances to castles, museums, fairs or exhibitions.

- Payroll low (wages and social benefits).

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