Ancient Roman principality, the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg is a small country of 2,586 square kilometers, or about 11 times smaller than Belgium and is bounded on the north-west by Belgium, east by Germany and south-east by France. Luxemburg City is the capital of the Grand Duchy.

This country has a system based on stable liberal political ideas. The creation of companies is not subject to prior administrative control. The Law requires on the other hand to exercise a certain number of professions and a request of Commercial authorisation is to obtained from the Ministry of Middle Classes, based on qualifications and / or Experience.

The companies most common are the SA and the SARL, however, further analysis may reveal more specific tax benefits for one or the other type.

Luxemburg is an onshore jurisdiction which benefits from various advantages :

- VAT intra community, invoice VAT for the countries of the European Union to 15% and 12% for services.

- Rate of VAT the lowest in Europe for business computing.

- Exemption from taxes on other income earned abroad, even for real estate companies.

- Shares of SA may be registered or to holders.

- Payroll and employer fees 24 %.

- Les Charges sociales et patronales sont à 24 %.

- Social Capital can be treated in any currency.

- Social Capital SARL can be fully released.

- Social for SA can be released to 3/4.

- The SARL / SA companies can be established and administered by a single person (Act 1992).

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