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When audit time comes, Fiduciary FiduWorld considers a whole set of parameters, which may vary depending on company features. The interest in auditing your company focuses on trimming and analyzing each section within, in order to set definitely free the real inner potential and to detect the structure methods. To be more precise, the audit will measure how actual data differs from one or several standards (norms, protocols, regulations), thanks to control parameters of conformity, coherence, pertinence, reliability and efficacy. Summarizing, the company audit is a starting-off instrument for a process which will guide the auditor to make a diagnostic, as well as to design improvement plans and to put recommendations into action.

The audit is also an instrument planned to help company's decision making power by providing standards, objective analysis, expert recommendations and constructive hints.

Our Fiduciary analyses and defines the following parts:
- Commercial :Who are the clients, and which the markets and the targets.
- Financial and Taxation : Surveillance for yearly balance, forecast, budgets, liquidity, debt rate, supplier debt, client balance, stocks…
- Social : Paid salaries, are they matching real market situation? Review of collective agreements, productive structure organization and others.
- Internal supervision : How the company is managed, how relationships between directors and subordinates are, salary / productivity rates.
- Competitors study :Position, product catalogue, price lists, market location…
- Legal : current ongoing processes, client litigations, trademarks, structures, patents…

Audit may be demanded on a preventive basis (in order to detect and evaluate a situation at a given moment) or on a corrective basis (in order to correct a deteriorating situation). In every case, the audit is a very effective and useful tool which permits to give an answer to many questions. Audit is going to State if the company needs taxation optimization and whether an onshore-offshore solution may be accordingly faced or not.

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