Company offshore and onshore Incorporation

Company Incorporation

Our Fiduciary FiduWorld manages solutions aimed to create onshore and offshore companies, as well as to establish foundation, holding and trust structures.

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Company offshore or onshore Re-domiciliation

Corporate Address

International Fiduciary FiduWorld offers you a calm and professional environment with a complete infrastructure for your business. You will have at your disposal offices and meeting rooms at a very low cost, without constraint of time, no investment needed.

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Wealth Management

Wealth and Fortune Management

FiduWorld has a strong vocation for settling and coordinating a whole set of different skills, at both national and international levels. We will place at your disposal a personal consultant whose main goal will always be to define the best possible solution fully adapted to your personal expects, at the best possible terms of cost and efficiency.

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Optimisation fiscale

Tax & Fiscal Optimization

Our agents' task is to evaluate all the fiscal jeopardy, to audit your current fiscal situation and even to consider an international solution development. International Fiduciary FiduWorld, for it masters every existing tax treaty at a worldwide level, will guarantee to avoid any double taxation.

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Welcome to FiduWorld

Our international Fiduciary offers solutions for the creation of offshore and onshore companies and the establishment of structures such as trusts, holdings and foundations. Our 15 years of experience and success will permit how to exactly satisfy your needs and expectations concerning your tax planning.

Creating an offshore and onshore company


Specializing in the organization and the establishment of legal structures, the Fiduciary FiduWorld creates both offshore and onshore companies guaranteeing you a proper tax planning. Some activity sectors are tax-favored in some jurisdictions within the EU where offshore settling offers a number of important benefits. Here is an explanation on the difference between offshore and onshore.
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Account Expertise and Company Audit


Our Accounting experts at Fiduciary FiduWorld will take care of your accountancy complying with all your company's administrative and fiscal formalities and requirements, no matter the selected jurisdiction.

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Tax minimisation and international tax planning


FiduWorld is a Fiduciary which will help you get profit from its international associate network: notaries, banks, institutions, real estate agencies, lawyer and solicitor offices, …

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Newsletters FiduWorld


International taxation is continuously changing. FiduWorld will keep you informed about these constant evolutions. Our Fiduciary will process your e-mails with the same know-how deontological protocols we deal with our private and professional lives, namely: privacy, discretion and the respect for our clients.

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